COVID-19 Blood Samples

COVID-19 Testing

With ProWell Health, you can take control of your personal healh and the health of your employees. We offer a number of solutions for Covid-19 testing, including at-home tests, in-lab tests, and team testing. Our lab is CLIA-certified, meaning you can count on us to provide you with accurate testing results. With our simple online portal, you can order a test and receive your results in a timely manner. Our portal is secure and HIPPA-compliant, ensuring all of your information is protected.

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Nurse testing Woman for Covid-19

For Employers

While many teams and businesses have converted to an online format, meeting in person is occasionally necessary. With ProWell Health’s Covid-19 testing solutions, you can monitor your employees health and prevent an outbreak. Our portal offers you the ability to order tests for all of your employees and manage the results online.

Doctor looking at Covid-19 Test

For Physicians

Whether you work in the healthcare industry, or you are testing your healthcare workers, ProWell Health has a Covid-19 testing solution for you. Now, you can ensure your patients and workers remain Covid-19-free and prevent outbreaks from occurring. With our online portal, it is easy to review the results and make informed decisions.

Woman using at home Covid-19 Test

For Individuals

Looking for a Covid-19 testing solution that is quick and easy? ProWell Health offers at-home or at-lab testing that fits your needs and schedule. With our online portal, you can order a test online, go to a lab in-person, and use your unique identifier to receive your test. Then, once your results are in, we will send them directly to your portal. Getting a test and viewing your results has never been easier.

Full SARS-VoV-2 Test Kit

Requests and Referrals Not Needed

Many labs require a referral from a primary care physician or specialist. With ProWell Health, we put the power in your hands. Our health officers are available to order and complete lab tests for you—all in-house. So when you need testing and results quickly, we offer the solution.