About ProWell Health

ProWell Health democratizes lab testing procedures. In other labs, patients have to go through a lengthy process—receiving referrals from their primary care physician or specialists. Labs then conduct the prescribed tests and provide the results to the PCP or specialist.

At ProWell Health, we believe that lab tests should be simple. If you are curious or concerned about your health, we want to give you the power to have a test performed. That is why we don’t require referrals. Without the hassle of referrals and appointments, you can stay on top of your health.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have been on the frontlines assisting employers and physicians with testing. We offer multiple Covid-19 testing solutions that work for your business needs. Schedule a test in our lab or complete an at-home test kit for us to review.

With a HIPPA-compliant portal, we provide patients with the tools they need to review their results and order new lab tests. Our team works in a CLIA-certified lab, ensuring that your results are accurate and mistake-free.

Solutions We Offer

During the pandemic, ProWell Health has provided employers, physicians, and individuals with the testing they need to remain safe and healthy. We offer a variety of Covid-19 testing options that work on your schedule. Our unique testing solutions, provide you with the opportunity to purchase multiple tests for your employees and staff. Once these tests are completed all testing information is available for review in a HIPPA compliant portal.
At ProWell Health we believe that you should be in charge of your own testing. That’s why with our unique testing solutions, employers, physicians, and individuals can select an option that works for their needs. Employers can order tests for their employees and review the results through our online portal. Physicians can test their employees, ensuring their patients remain safe and healthy. And individuals can order a test for themselves—taking control and monitoring their own health. Discover the difference a knowledgeable Covid-19 testing location can make with ProWell Health.

Covid-19 Testing

We offer a number of Covid-19 Testing solutions designed to fit your specific needs. Contact us for information regarding your testing needs or reach out for further assistance.

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